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Convention and guest spot

No travel plan for the moment due to COVID-19. I will work in my atelier in Gooise Meren, Netherlands




June 13 to November 10

Padma Tattoo in Utrecht, Syndicat Du Tatuage in The Hague, Antiek Tattoo in Amsterdam

November 22 23

NZ Tattoo & Art Festival Canceled

September 27 28 29

Amsterdam Tattoo Convention Canceled


August 30 31 

Expo Tattoo Guadalajara Canceled

August 22 23

Deauville Tattoo Show in France Canceled

May 22 23 24 Canceled

Beijing Tattoo Convention


May 1 2 3 

Lecce Tattoo Fest  Canceled

April 29 30

Mr.Jack Tattoo Family, Rome Italy Canceled

April 17-19 

Perugia Tattoo Convention  Canceled

April 14 - 20

LED Taattoo, Perugia Italy Canceled

April 7 - April 12

Tatau Samoa, Freiburg Germany Canceled

March 30 - April 6

Hultman Family Tattoo, Harnosand Sweden Canceled

March 24 - 29

Tattoo Tatau Austria  Canceled


March 22 23 24 Canceled

Tattoo Expo Bologna


February  7 8 9

Milano Tattoo Convention

February 1 to 5, 13 to 19

Padma Tattoo in Utrecht


29 30 November 1 December

Convenção De Tatuagem De Joinville, Brazil


22-24 November

New Zealand Tattoo Festival

8-10 November

Florence Tattoo Convention

28-30 October

​Amsterdam Tattoo Convention

31 August - 1 September

Expo Tattoo Guadalajara, Mexico


9-11 August

Graz Tattoo Convention, Austria

2-4 August

Tattoo Convention Berlin, Germany

26-28 July

Titanic Tattoo Convention, England


19-21 July

Olbia Tattoo Show, Italy


18-19 May

Heiden Tattoo Convention


12-16, 22-25 May

Manifacto Amsterdam


1-10 May

Hultman Family Tattoo in Harnosand,Sweden


27-28 April

Big North Tattoo Show, England


22-25 April

Yakuza Tattoo in Werford, Ireland

16-21 April

Tatau Samoa in Freiburg,Germany

12-14 April

Frankfurt Tattoo Convention, Germany


7-10 April

Led Tattoo in Perugia, Italy


29-31 March

Tattoo Expo Bologna, Italy


17-18 February

Tattoo Expo Maastricht, Holland


8-10 February

Milano Tattoo Convention, Italy


1-6, 12-14, 19-22 February

Manifacto Amsterdam, Holland

2019 ↑



11/30, 12/1-2

Heartwork Tattoo Festival in New Delhi, India

5-13 November

​Tatau Samoa in Germany

2-4 November

Amsterdam Tattoo Convention


16-31 October

Manifacto Amsterdam

11-14 October

Tattoo Tatau in Villach, Austria

8-10 October

Ink Udine, Italy

5-7 October

Florence Tattoo Convention


5-25 September

Atramento Tattoo in Costa Rica


1-2 September

Expo Tattoo Guadalajara in Mexico

27-29 July

Titanic Tattoo Convention Belfast in England

20-22 July

Olbia Tattoo Show in Italy

16-22 May

Traditional Tattoo & World Culture Festival in Mallorca, Spain 

7-15 May

Hultman Tattoo Family in Sweden

4-6 May

Montpellier Tattoo Convention in France


28-29 April

The Big North Tattoo Show in England

13-15 April

Perugia Tattoo Convention


6-8 April 

Tattoo Expo Bologna in Italy

17-18 February

Tattoo Expo Maastricht in Holland

9-11 February

Milano Tattoo Convention

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