KENSHO YŪKYŪ INK SET from Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink



It's an honor to be announced my signature ink set is out from Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink.

These inks inspired from traditional Japanese colors. 
White ink made by improvement version of the secret recipe inherited from my master through trial and error. 

Name of this ink set is Yūkyū 悠久. Literal translation of Yūkyū is eternity, continue endlessly over many years. These colors have been used for many years in Japan.

This ink set is great for Japanese style and Asian tattoo, also good for solid & bold tattoo such as traditional tattoo.


This white ink doesn't fade as normal white ink, stays strong and bright. And it also great to mix with color, it's easier to go into the skin than normal light colors.
In Japan, a color of white was a sacred, purity and contraindication color, like wearing white clothing in Shinto ritual, during pilgrimages and Seppuku.




Shu is said to represent the color of burning fire, the setting sun, and blood, and is said to have been used as the protection from evil spirits. Thats why most of Torii( The Gateway to a sacred space such as Shrine ) painted by Shu. In China, which is the source of many cultures in Japan, Shu has been regarded as a noble color since ancient times, and since it does not discolor or disappear over time, it is said to have been favored by people seeking immortality.


Tou Ou was a pigment that can be collected from a plant called "Kusashiou", which is named after its color.
 In the Nara period, the names are listed as "Tou Ou" and "Dou Ou" in the literature in the above-mentioned "Shousouin Monjo(old documents in Nara era)".
 It was also an indispensable pigment for Yuzen dyeing in the Edo period, and this color name has been widely used as a paint for Japanese painting since the Meiji period.

IMG_7725 2.JPG



Ai Iro is one of the oldest dyes used as a blue dye.  It was also called "Japan Blue" in other countries. During the Kamakura period, the custom of samurai wearing a kind of Ai Iro "Kachiiro" under their armor became established.
 It was said that Ai Iro has anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, and hemostatic effects, and that "kachi" is associated with "winning" and is auspicious. Ai Iro was used by many painters including Hiroshige, Tenugui which(traditional Japanese towel), Noren(traditional japanese shop curtain), Kimono and even a beddings. 


Tokiwa Iro is a dark green color that contains tea, like the color of the leaves of evergreen trees such as pine and cedar. 
Tokiwa is a word that means the unchanging, and it is a color name that praises and wishes for longevity and prosperity.
 Tokiwa Iro was preferred as an auspicious auspicious color during the Edo period.


Product Specs:

  • 1/2 oz bottles

  • Contains zero animal products

  • Never tested on animals

  • Better for immunity and overall health

  • More reliable and safer on skin

  • Longer lasting ink and better vibrancy

Set tips:
This ink set is especially good with Japanese-style tattoos & Asian-style tattoos. All colors can be mix with Hakuji to make different levels of tones.