Tattoo Book



started selling the book Vol.1. Originally I was planning to post texts of history with pictures for Vol.1, but unfortunately the problem occurred. So Vol.1 is the pictures of tattoo works only. Tattoo works about Horiyoshi The First(Yoshitsugu Muramatsu), Horiyoshi The Second(Yoshiyuki Muramatsu) and my master Honke Horiyoshi(Takehisa Muramatsu). The texts with photos will in the Vol.2. This book for support to my master. because now he fighting against heavy sick. i will give him all amount of sales without cost. title is "History Of Horiyoshi MURAMATSU Vol.1". Now it selling in tattoo convention and Manifacto Amsterdam only. But it will be possible for mail order soon. Currently I reconfirms the texts and is under remaking. Probably Vol.2 will be completed next year.

​100 EURO + shipping

108 pages 

B5 size

Soft cover