-Appointment only-

Please send me a message via e-mail with design idea, which body part you would like to have the tattoo, how big, and when and where you want to get the tattoo.   


​• Time cost example(it depends skin type, body size and detail of tattoo design) 


Gobu / chest to elbow with background : around 20 hours or more each arm



Nagasode / chest to wrist with background : around 35 hours or more each arm




Sewari / Full back piece : over 70 hours












Munewari / sepalate front piece as full body suit:

over 50 hours + full back + both Nagasode + both Nagazubon


Donburi / Body suit: over 70 hours + full back + arm sleeve + leg sleeve






-Traditional Japanese tattoo is symbol of patience-

Hygiene management

Needles, grips, inks, caps, sheets, etc... , Any stuff in contact with the skin are disposable. Other instruments are kept in an ultraviolet sterilizer after sterilization by autoclave(If you don't know autoclave, please search on google). Cleaning the workplace with a special detergent before work.

Before & after tattoo session

• I don't accept under 20 years old without ID. Please bring your ID or passport. 

• Please sleep and eat well the day before, but do not drink alcohol.

• I will put the Dermalize film as film dressing after tattoo session. 












You can take it off next day morning and then use the aftercare cream after shower with hot water without soap(aftercare cream use 2 times daily until the tattoo healed). 

• Somebody has a allergy to ink. please take patch test at the hospital before book a appointment without fail. 


 I will NOT be any responsible for your allergies and any reaction

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