How to book your tattoo

-By appointment only-

Please send me a message via e-mail that design idea, which body part, how big, when you want to get a tattoo.   
​• Time cost example(it depends skin type, body size and detail of tattoo design) 

Gobu / chest to elbow with background : around 20 to 27 hours each arm

Nagasode / chest to wrist with background : around 35 to 48 hours each arm

Sewari / Full back piece : over 70 hours

Munewari / sepalate front piece as full body suit:
over 50 hours + full back + both Nagasode + both Nagazubon

Donburi / Body suit: over 70 hours + full back + arm sleeve + leg sleeve

スキャン 2.JPG
スキャン 3.JPG

Hygiene management

Needles, grips, inks, caps, sheets, etc... , Any stuff in contact to the skin are disposable. Other equipments are cleaned by disinfection cleaner which kills any bacterias and virus such as HIV, HCV, MRSA, etc.