Japanese tattoo ideals


The literal translation of the word Gaman 我慢 is "Patience". It acts as the cornerstone by which all tattoo clients rely on. 


・The patience to save the money for your tattoo

・The patience of enduring the pain of the tattoo

・The patience to commit to the time it takes to get tattooed

・The patience to not show your suffering during the Tattoo

・The patience to be still and not move during the tattoo

・The patience to be quiet in the silence of your tattoo session

・The patience to keep getting tattooed consistently until you're finished

・The patience to not show your tattoo until it's completion

・The patience to stop when the tattoo has reached balance. 

Irezumi is a symbol of patience. It embodies the highest ideals for a man to achieve
To not show weakness in the face of adversity. To remain strong and see things through till the end. To not be foolish and Impulsive in life
All men should strive for such ideals.