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Traditional Japanese tattoo motifs. It has several meaning each motifs. For example, basic meaning of Koi(carp) is prosperity. It changes depending the position and combination of the motifs. 

Irezumi(刺青) means tattoo in Japanese and has existed since the Edo era (around 400 years ago).

There are additional Japanese words with similar meaning such as: Horimono, Shisei, Monmon, Gaman, however Irezumi is most commonly used. The literal translation of Irezumi is 刺 poke 青 blue. Traditional Japanese Sumi ink turns a beautiful blue-black color after the ink goes into the skin.




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EU Roll size: W 48,7 cm x L 1000 cm = 4,87 m2
US Roll size: W 19,2" x L 393,7" = 52,42 SqFt
Repeat 448cm (176.4"), Match 23cm (9.1")